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What it takes to start an online business

Do you ever ask yourself if you have what it takes to start an online business?

Building any business, including an online business, can seem daunting! I think that is true for most people. If you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to start an online business that shouldn’t stop you.

The point is not to question whether you ‘have what it takes to start an online business’. This is a loaded question in the first place. It doesn’t provide clarity around what is the key purpose for embarking on this journey. 

Seven questions to ask yourself:

Are you committed to build your own business – especially one that you can create a passive income with?

This is the stand out question that is most important to clarify before embarking on building your own online business. And it’s the question that stands as the most basic element of each of the next six questions as well. 

There are certainly a lot of points that make building an online business much simpler and less risky than starting a traditional brick and mortar business. But that does not make it necessarily dead easy. For some people building and online business seems to be effortless, for others it can seem to be a long-term challenge. 

If you go into starting your online business with a clear determination to follow through on learning the ropes and implementing all the actions necessary to succeed, then you will. But remember that the timeframe may not be as you first planned it. 

Are you aware of what your service, product and audience would be?

If your answer to this question is a clear ‘Yes’ then you are ready to go.

But even if you’re unsure what to market through your online business then that shouldn’t stop you from finding solutions. There are alternative options available for highly successful online business models. Discovering how to build an online business without a business plan can lead you to uncover options for starting an online business without having your own service or product.

But even without you knowing it you might have the perfect service and product in you already.

What are your skills?

Skills - have what it takes

Each of us already have sufficient skills within us that are of economic value.

It is a deception that we convince ourselves that no-one will value any of the skills that we have within us. That comes from a generation brought up on thinking that we are only worth as much as what someone is willing to employ our labour for – that we have to meet an explicit list of set expectations, aka. Selection Criteria and KPI’s.

Through online marketing the old notion of providing value to the workplace has been turned on its head. In online business it is much easier to reach people who will get your value simply through you being yourself.

What are your passions?

Through the internet it’s easier to connect with people that will resonate with your passion. Many people will tell you there is no more reason for anyone to not be pursuing the work that they love the most. 

When you know what your passion is then you know your pathway to generating a dream income/job. In. fact, that way you you can generate wealth without needing to work another day in your life.

“Do what you love and you will never have to work another day in your life.”

If you have a strong passion for a particular field, chances are you will already have skills/knowledge in that field. Those skills will be of value to other people. If you feel that your passion hasn’t been developed sufficiently then check how much you’re prepared to develop that passion.

Have you worked out what amount you are prepared to invest into building your business? In both time and money!

The degree to which you are prepared to follow and develop your passion to a point where you can make it your life’s pursuit will also define how much you are prepared to invest in building your online business. This is an important point to consider since building any business take serious commitment. For traditional businesses that would often mean substantial financial investment. It would also need significant investment of time and effort into helping the business move towards profitability.

What are your personal limitations?

personal limitation gauge

Understanding your personal limitations puts you in a position to do something about them.

If finances are your biggest limitation there is a long list of solutions for building an online business with little to no money

Should you feel that you are not good with computers then connecting with an online business training community can put you on the right track.

If you feel you don’t have time spare to commit to building an online business then you can go back and check how important it is for you. When the priority is urgent enough then you will find a way to make time to take action on reaching your goal.

What is the real cost of not taking action?

This last question is the most important one to sort out. If you can get clarity around this point then you will discover the clearest pathway for how to build a successful online business. Then no matter what challenges you face you’ll know how much you’re prepared to invest in overcoming those challenges.

If you know that the cost of inaction is always greater than the cost of your investment into your online business then you will know that you have what it takes to not only start an online business but also succeed beyond your first expectations.

Are you ready to take control of your life? Building your own online marketing business is a great way to do that.

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