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Learn How to Embrace Chaos

“Are you kidding me? Are you asking me how to embrace chaos?”
“Don’t you mean ‘how to AVOID chaos??!”

Certainly most of us are raised with the mindset that we need to be in control of our lives and that we should keep chaos far outside the limits of our secure and orderly existence.

Where chaos exists there is no certainty. And we need certainty to clearly understand where we are going, what we are achieving , and how we will do that. Learning how to embrace chaos is the means then to creating that certainty for our lives.

Chaos is also defined as a state of disorder. Scientifically this is referred to as entropy – a state of unraveling.

In science the Second Law of Thermodynamics determines that all closed systems tend toward disorder. The only way to reverse that is to apply focused, structured energy. That’s why bringing about structural reform uses a lot of energy. And that’s why working on your creative growth takes so much effort.

This last point is what highlights what is so great about embracing chaos. When you learn how to embrace chaos you come to a point of acknowledging the breakdown. You are then privileged to take an empowered position for taking positive action to address the breakdown. And when you take positive action to bring structure to a state of disorder you will always experience growth. The challenge is what strengthens and refines us. By embracing the chaos we actually grow stronger, wiser, and more capable.

Embracing chaos does not mean giving in to it. Accepting the presence of a breakdown is not accepting defeat. It is simply acknowledging the disorderly state of the way things are in that moment. From that point we all have the choice of what we will do about it.

Embracing Chaos: Don’t be scared – and don’t avoid the issue

Typically when we are confronted by breakdowns it is a common habit to run for the shelter of procrastination. And there are an endless number of excuses that we can use to justify the act of putting it off to later. 

“I’m soo tired – Surely I will be better off leaving it for a fresh new start first thing tomorrow.”

It sounds so very reasonable. And it is certainly important to be sensitive to listen to what our body tells us. For sure there are many examples of people who run themselves sick through over-working. The trick is all about finding balance and knowing how to manage chaos is part of that.

Yet if there is a goal that we are focusing on making happen in our life then it is important for us to honour the effort that is required to bring it into reality. We can do that by bringing a level of order to the common chaos/entropy that will work against us. 

That shouldn’t mean however, that the pathway to maximum personal development need be one only for the most stoic of self-disciplinaries. There are always smarter ways of working just as there are greater ways to challenge ourselves. Some simple hacks for working smarter when it comes to dealing with breakdowns, include:

Embracing Chaos: Breakdowns can help clear space for new growth. 

Australia is well known for having some of the most fire prone regions on Earth. At school I was interested to learn about one particular Australian forest system, the Mountain Ash Temperate Rainforests of the South-East corner of Australia. One thing that was so impressive about the trees of these forests was their size. Known to be the tallest flowering tree in the world the maximum height recorded for the species was put at 115m. Ironically this measurement was taken with absolute accuracy after it was hewn down. The buttresses of the biggest of these giants ranges between 4-6m. 

But the other striking feature of this tree is its response to fire. In fact the trees it seems live for fire, to the point that when they burn they have evolved to burn with the fiercest intensity so that they will literally clear out all of the old growth. When fire ravages the Mountain Ash forests it is typical for there to be nothing left. And this is the only way that the Mountain Ash can regenerate. Mountain Ash seeds will only germinate after they know that their parent trees have gone completely.

Sometimes we don’t get to notice new possibilities until our old world-view is cleared away. 

Embracing Chaos: Look for opportunities through all of the upheaval

How to find order through chaos. Discover the silver lining of the darkest clouds

When we look for the glimmer of opportunity in an overcast or stormy situation we open ourselves to making new possibilities come into existence. The key is whether we choose to define how our life shows up or be defined by our circumstances. We can choose to be confined by chaos or we embrace it for what it is and step forward with confidence. One of the most resilient ways we can do this this is choosing to derive value from failure; that way there ain’t no way we can lose;  because every setback simply becomes a new opportunity to learn how to improve.

Embracing Chaos: Find focus for those things that you can control – Words, Thoughts & Actions

Taking effort to consciously refocus our attention through affirmation, positivity and productive activity are powerful methods we can use to draw our minds away from getting stuck in a negative mindset. 

Affirmations, or positive expressions are often dismissed as being of little effect since most people think that spoken words alone are meaningless.

Positive thoughts alone are similarly dismissed as airy-headed thinking; merely ideas that have no bearing in reality.

Productive activity probably gets the most respect in a world that is fixated on paying high regard for the ‘doers’ and the ‘makers’. However unfortunately the world is full of ‘doers’ and ‘makers’ without any purpose. As I’ve noted before the world is full of busy people but only a percentage of them end up being productive.

And where our focus is shifted with enough positive intentionality that is when our world experience swings into alignment with those intentions.

So by learning how to embrace chaos we can discover opportunities to grow. This can be in resilience, understanding, and clarity.

Resilience is the quality that helps us sustain those actions that are needed to create our future as fulfilled.

Understanding is the prerequisite condition for putting knowledge into practice. And as is often said – Knowledge is power.

Clarity is the essence of having a focused view. And when we can envisage the end product of our efforts and understanding that is when your Future Fulfilled becomes actualised.

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