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How to take the stress out of online marketing

Succumbing to stress can be one of the greatest inhibitors of creative growth. It’s no different for building an online marketing business. It is possible to take the stress out of online marketing, however, even when building your own business. This post covers how to take the stress out of online marketing in an ongoing way. 

Common stressors connected specifically to building an online marketing business include:

  • Stepping into uncharted territory
  • Developing new technical skills
  • Researching/selecting your market – what product/service.
  • Researching your target audience
  • Cash-flow management 

To sum it up: it’s a big journey… it is with anything that is worth taking on. But the big journey doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Here are three key ways you can avoid getting shut down by stress.

Open Acceptance

Open-minded acceptance is great at neutralising debilitating stress. But when starting to build your own business the first stress is simply making a clear decision about what you want to achieve. This positive call to action can get you started on a path to transforming your life. Generally this isn’t a problem because it stimulates enthusiasm which naturally motivates to take action on making your dream real. But for too many people taking the next step is still too hard no matter how inspired or excited they felt about their new business possibility.

It is only when we think about dealing with “reality” that we commonly get stuck. But if we are open-minded then it’s possible to create our own reality according to how we view our circumstances.

When we are truly open-minded we are open to a world of endless possibilities. The only limit on what is possible to achieve in our lives is one we impose on ourselves through our mindset.

Get moving

Physical exercise is a great way to deal with critical stress and also provides a way out of the funk. Similarly with online marketing the most effective thing you can do to manage debilitating stress is simply to get moving! 

Once in motion it Is possible to get into a state of flow. The trick to finding flow comes from staying in perpetual motion with focus for a particular outcome.

One of the main obstacles to start taking action in online marketing is a lack of confidence for taking the ‘right’ course of action. But that should not be taken as the primary concern. The first concern should be simply to take action for getting started with learning the ropes for online marketing. 

Once in motion it is simpler to follow a natural flow into a course correction. But without any action then you will simply get locked down with a passive acceptance of procrastination.

Although it certainly is a problem that there are too many well-intended people that are constantly busy but miss the mark on being productive.

Again this is where course correction is necessary. But course correction is best done through small shifts rather than momentous swings.

In the book titled, Flight Plan, Brian Tracey effectively used the analogy of the continual need for applying course correction. Brian observed the fact that any aeroplane will be off course 99% of the time due to prevailing turbulence and changing weather conditions. Being off-course at any given moment is not the problem, rather it is a matter of how and when we choose to make a course correction and get back on track. 

Getting support from others is a powerful way to ensure that minimal time is wasted on being ‘off-course’. Find leaders or mentors who can help keep you focused. Good mentors can point you in the right direction when working through challenges along the way.

Focus on one step at a time

A great way to combine the two approaches listed above is by simply taking one step at a time. Outline a clear course of action and break it down into simple steps. This way any mountain of overwhelm is reduced to a clear focus on only finding your next foothold that will allow you keep progressing. 

As long as you have a clearly defined strategy for building your online marketing business you will have a strong safety harness to stop you from falling. You may slip but you won’t fall. There will always be a way to get a grip and refocus on how to get back on track for your defined destination.

As mentioned above, when you can build up a basic level of consistency in your actions for building your online business then you will steadily generate an increasing level of momentum. And when you keep this up long enough – that’s when you start to create your own luck. It’s then that you are likely to notice more things falling in to place, often in even the most unexpected of ways. 

But that is not where the beauty of it stops. Once you step up and start to progress closer to your goal then you will notice new challenges arise. Your resolve is tested on how determined you really are to reach your desired destination. And the higher those challenges, the greater the growth that you will get out of it.

Right at this point is a great time to reflect on how you are responding to the challenges that are shaping up in your life. Are those challenges the sort that will help you get to the destination of creating your Future Fulifilled?

Are you ready to create a business that fulfills your passions and grows with you?

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