Swamped with overwhelm

How to manage Digital Marketing Overwhelm

Digital Marketing Overwhelm is a common killer of ambition. 

Read on to learn how you can manage it and maintain sustain your ambition, motivation and pathway to success.

One of the biggest reasons many people get stuck on building their own online business is due to digital marketing overwhelm. It is an insidious deflater of dreams. But it is encouraging to know that it is not an insurmountable obstacle. Overwhelm also shouldn’t define who we are.

To start with it’s important to understand that everyone that is chasing ambition experiences moments when challenges they face become overwhelming. Being overwhelmed is actually a key signpost that the challenges you are taking on in your life are most likely your quickest pathway to finding fulfilment in creating the life that you want.

Sources of overwhelm in digital marketing

There are a number of aspects of entrepreneurial overwhelm that show up with digital marketing.

Too many options available. 

For a start it is easy to look at all of the possibilities available for building an online marketing business. Should I try affiliate marketing? Or is it better to work in eCommerce? And how should I connect with a market audience? But wait how do I even get started on building a website?…. The questions can go on and on and on…. 

too many online marketing options

In a traditional business there is also a steep learning curve for many industries, but there is one key difference with building an online business. Building an online business is in many ways more accessible for most people (low start-up costs, high flexibility for starting small and scaling your business, and there are many different options for building a business to suit a wide variety of skills and interests).

With all of these options it is very easy to be overwhelmed, not knowing which options are most suitable.

Technical learning curve – information overload

It is also a common trap that with so many options available for building and online business that there is a problem in determining which platforms to learn. If you don’t have a plan for what platforms and methods of online marketing you want to pursue then it is very easy to be swamped with information overload. 

Finding your voice and finding your audience

megaphone, shout, scream

Connecting with your audience is key to building a successful online business. Finding your audience is a process that takes time and careful attention to the needs of your customers. Both of those two critical aspects are enough to drive many to distraction and despair. The requirement for patience often means tolerating many false starts. The need to apply careful attention and focus can be exhausting. The accumulation of such challenges can quickly lead to overwhelm.

No guarantees in market testing

The fact that there are no guarantees of automatic success in any business is enough itself to bring on overwhelm. It is a common need for all people to have a basic level of certainty in our lives. For some that need is less than others but nonetheless it is still a fundamental need for our existence to have some semblance of certainty. 

That is why business building is not everyone’s preference. In the field of digital marketing the risks of investment are arguably significantly lower than for many traditional businesses. But evenso the fact that there are some areas in Digital marketing where there are no guarantees of success can lead to a build up of stress that spills out into overwhelm.

Approaches for dealing with digital marketing overwhelm

The following steps are effective for dealing with digital marketing overwhelm:

  1. Get Organised
  2. Get Connected
  3. Stick to a Plan
  4. Review your Progress
  5. Trust in the Process

Get organised

Getting organised allows you to bring structure to uncertainty. It also is the best approach for bringing order to chaos.

If you’re new to digital marketing then it’s wise to follow a plan that outlines how to build your online business. It is possible to compile all the information for implementing effective online marketing practices through disparate sources of information across the internet, however, this approach has its own limitations and challenges. 

In any case, it’s essential at a basic level to establish a clear plan about what product/service you will be marketing. What your target audience will . And what timeframe you will be working to – if you are looking for a quick return on your investment into digital marketing then you are most likely better off following a paid marketing business path. If you’re for a slower business growth model then your preference might be to focus more on organic marketing avenues.

Get connected

Beyond bringing structure to an uncertain environment it is helpful to get connected with like-minded people you can build your own marketing confidence with. An effective online community is set up with a clear structure for assisting its members grow in the community. As a result, it will typically have a range of members within that community that reflect different levels of participation and growth. Wikipedia has defined such a structure in an online community as having 5 different levels of association:

  1. Peripheral – Non-participating, outside observing spectator
  2. Inbound – A newcomer who is seeking to learn the ropes
  3. Insider – an insider is defined as someone who is committed to the course and participates regularly
  4. Boundary – community members at this level are those people who are experienced enough to take on training roles in the community.
  5. Outbound – established senior community members who have grown to a point in the community where they notice new opportunities to expand their knowledge and experience outside of the online community.

Stick to a plan

bulletin board, stickies, post-it

In a previous post, I discussed the possibilities of starting an online business without a plan. And it is possible to start an online business without a plan, at least a formal, written plan. In all cases, however, it becomes a necessity to have a clear course of action prepared as you work through building your business. 

That course of action is likely to change over time where it is necessary to adapt to market conditions. But the importance of holding on to a core focus of a plan for business growth remains. This is what keeps you focused on reaching your goal. This kind of focus becomes an important part of dealing with overwhelm.

Review your progress

When your goal is clear in your mind then you can track your business growth progress. Reviewing your progress is vital for staying on track towards reaching your goal. But oftentimes there will be periods where it may appear that there is little or no growth in your business. When that occurs it’s certainly important to look for solutions either through training or mentoring or adjusting your marketing approach. But in moments where you may feel that you are doing all of those things and still can’t see any progress in your business goals then it is important to also reflect on what areas you may have grown personally.

Trust in the process

Once you get into a system for Getting Organised, Getting Connected, Sticking to your Plan and Reviewing your Progress then there is only one thing remaining to complete your path to creating your online business success: Trust in the Process. In today’s terms: Rinse and Repeat. When you’re onto a good thing stick to it. And that good thing is all in you. All that waits is for you to take your next step towards creating the business and life that you want. 

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