Online Marketing Risks

How to handle Online Marketing Risks

Identifying and managing risk is a key part of Online Marketing Risks

Many people want to start their own online business. But they often get stopped by a fear of what their view of online marketing risks are. It’s worth unpacking just what are the most common risks with online marketing. From there it’s possible to put those points in perspective. And clarify what are the options for creating the kind of work-life balance that online marketing can provide.

Common Risks of online business

– Content plagiarism. 

With so much content being shared online it is likely that in some fashion content will be reworded, reproduced and/or repurposed. So it raises the question: How is it possible to ensure that your content is original?

Quite simply, if you give yourself time to digest the kind information that you are preparing to share then you will allow it to be shared in your own words. A good way to do this is to take time-out after first jotting down notes for researching a particular topic. On this point though it’s important to make-sure that time-out is not as simply veg-out. It works best when time-out is active, whether it’s a walk outdoors, playing an instrument, meditating; something that allows your mind to relax while using its automatic thought Chanels to digest the new information and connect it with what you already know.

For any information that you are directly taking from other sources use hyperlinks to direct readers through to those sources. This kind of link connection with other sites can also help increase your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking.

– Copyright infringement 

Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is more familiarly known as ‘piracy’. Content Plagiarism is recognised to be a form of Copyright Infringement, if the material being plagiarised is from copyrighted content. 

A more common form of copyright infringement is in the use of images and logos. With that, it is important to ensure that any graphics you want to put on your webpages is either your own or sourced from sites that clearly state that its content is royalty-free stock, such as through Pixabay.

– SEO setback 

SEO setbacks commonly occur when people don’t follow the terms and conditions of Internet platforms.

Here it is critical to understand what are the T&C’s of the platforms you are planning to use in the marketing of your business. It takes time but is important for knowing where you stand and what your responsibilities are in the matter.

– Hackers

internet security risk

Whether as an online business entrepreneur or as a regular online consumer we are all generally exposed to being targeted by computer hackers. 

Even simply as an online consumer it is necessary to regularly monitor your internet system security settings. Inevitably the same applies for running your own online marketing business. Your approach to marketing online may encourage a change in the level of spam you receive. With a simple approach to vigilance over receiving material from any unknown source you can keep this issue in check. 

– Financial risk

Online marketing/online business development requires testing market trends and response to different marketing approaches. As a result there is always some degree of financial risk for investing in building your own business brand.

Each of the elements of risk on online marketing, listed above have their own particular solutions. But there is a common solution that will best position an entrepreneur to resolve any issue of risk – and it’s all in the mind. 

Mostly our own view of our personal limitations stops us from taking on risks that thwart us. Ultimately how we respond to risk defines the level of our performance/success. And that is simply a matter for expanding our comfort zone. 

The only reason that any advancement of significant note has been achieved in humanity is because at some level someone or some people were prepared to step out of their comfort zone. And this is how we get to grow, through bringing order and structure to areas of uncertainty and chaos.

So if you are held back because of concerns over online marketing risks then for a start take stock of the actual state of those risks. Then choose how you will respond – to take action or remain comfortably limited.

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