How to find your online marketing flow.


Reaching a state of flow (aka ‘getting in the Zone’) is considered to be important in practically all endeavours. But when it comes to building your business this is especially the case in finding your online marketing flow.

Many people will tell you excitedly that online marketing is a powerful way to access a life of freedom and flexibility. Many other people will also tell you straight that it takes a lot of effort to succeed in online marketing.

So which is true?

In all fairness both are correct. What is essential in this area is to find your best way to market what comes as natural to you. That is why it is so important to know how to find your online marketing flow.

Whenever you find flow you are able to get into a zone of intense focus. When you bring this level of focus to your business you become singularly connected with the present action at hand. 

By being present and singularly focused you can access greater reserves of energy and inspiration that can enrich your level of output. 

So getting down to specifics: What are the key ingredients required to find flow in online marketing?

To touch on the key elements of finding flow, let’s review the first five elements covered in the Pathways to Productivity series:

  • Learn – study the basic systems and tools used in Online Marketing: Social media connections, Website development, Affiliate links, Autoresponder systems. 


Look up methods that are geared to give your online marketing approach an edge over the competition. You may be thinking: Well that’s easy to say if you have been in the game for a while! But if you are just starting out how is it possible to know what methods/practices will be the best to give you ‘the edge’? And that is the point! No-one knows clearly what practices/products will be the most competitive in the coming future. This is where the gold lies: understanding that the value of creating business demands an exacting level of discipline for continuously looking for new ways of improving.


Once you are lit up by a spark of inspiring ideas start to arrange and organise all of the possibilities for your online marketing business into a structured plan. Here it will be important to consider what kind of strategies for online marketing will best suit your business. The most commonly applied strategies include: Affiliate Marketing, E-mail marketing, Content Marketing (blogging, vlogging, podcast etc), E-commerce, Social media marketing and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

  • Test / Share your product/service – ie. a good way to test your skills in blogging is to connect with a blogging community such as Medium, or Quora

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  • Take action – implement —> Set up a structure for consistently following through on each of the above four steps. This is what is referred to as Rinse and Repeat. Wash it through and do it again. Just be sure that when you repeat on the earlier steps that you look for areas that need improvement. There is no point in repeating the same mistakes as before. Remember that mistakes and failings are not signs of incompetency – they are the essential steps for building the foundations for success….so long as they are used as learning experiences.

As discussed in an earlier post maintaining Consistency is Key! This is what is most needed in Finding Your Online Marketing Flow. Stick to a routine and process that sustains your confidence in reaching your goal and without doubt it will happen!

Find out how to Create a business that fulfills your passions and grows with you.

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