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Fresh Ideas For Online Marketing

How to uncover fresh ideas to optimise your online marketing

There is an abundance of ideas that are quick to pick up on through simple searches on the internet. But expanding your knowledge does not automatically open up reservoirs of fresh ideas for online marketing.

Whether you get your inspiration from seeing examples of what’s worked in other areas or come up with your own ideas, fresh ideas come from you taking action.

The way to make it most fresh is to make it personal. If you embark on a process for acquiring new skills in online marketing the best way to go about it is to connect it to a possibility that lights you up. 

If you can tap into what enthuses you the most then that is what will bring you the freshest ideas for building an online marketing business.

And this is what is so powerful about starting an online marketing venture. You get to build the business around your specific interests.

This is why you see so many highly successful influencers on social media. Those that are most successful are those that tap into what excites them most and that is what is most attractive to their audience.

That said, there are certainly some key methods and resources available that can help you with generating fresh ideas for online marketing. I have taken three key areas that are useful for finding fresh ideas in online marketing.

Fresh Content

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Whether you use blogging or video posts to engage your audience, keyword optimisation is an essential part of online marketing. When creating content, keyword optimisation is an important part of working out how best to structure your post topics. This opens up space to find completely unique and fresh angles to take in your method of content marketing.

Fresh Tools/Resources

There are so many tools and resources to be found on the internet for creating fresh ideas in online marketing. It is not for lack of supply in such ideas. It’s more possible, in fact, to be distracted from taking critical action by forever ‘learning’ from experts. But just as a guide, here are some immediately accessible free tools. Use these to boost your ideas for creating an effective online marketing campaign.

  • G-mail – is so ubiquitous that it is often considered too generic for use in marketing. It is, however, possible to set up a business email with your domain name included. This gives you a more professional presentation. 
  • Google-calendar – is a great way to organise and plan your own schedule with alerts popping up across multiple devices synced in with G-Calendar. But more particularly it is a very convenient tool to use in sharing meeting appointments with link addresses when connecting on video conferencing.
  • G-Drive – let’s you share files via a cloud-based system similar to Drop-Box and other file sharing platforms. This can be used as a great tool for collaborating on projects with other people. This leads into one of the most effective methods I find helpful in generating fresh ideas for online marketing – Fresh Conversations.

But before I go there, the number of tools and resources is increasing with time. The opportunity to generate fresh ideas for ways to optimise online marketing is also growing. Neil Patel shares a great post on the benefits of using The Marketer’s Toolbox: 17 Free Resources and Tools From Google.

Fresh Conversations

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One of the best ways to find fresh ideas for online marketing is connecting with other online marketers and mentors. Certainly, when I have the opportunity to connect via video link with mentors and peers who are in the online marketing trenches it allows me to get a spark of energy that helps me get back on track with connecting with my inner-driven purpose. 

Fresh Approach

This might be the simplest option to take for finding fresh ideas for online marketing, although it is not always the easiest. It’s simple to say that all you need to do is look at your situation with a fresh outlook. Comments like: ‘Just stand in someone else’s shoes’, or ‘Clean out your workspace and add some new decorations’ come to mind. But what is most challenging is trying to access a new way of thinking from an old mindset. In all honesty, this is what most of us struggle with. This is where practicing open-minded learning is valuable.

In next week’s post I will look at the benefits of approaching online marketing with an open mind. Until then all power to you in taking action towards your Future Fulfilled.

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