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Creative growth – Investing Time in Online Marketing

What are the benefits of investing time in online marketing?

For business owners it is almost always a challenge to invest time in online marketing. Similarly for aspiring digital entrepreneurs it is very difficult to invest time into developing a solid online marketing campaign and presence. But the benefits are there to be had….and in abundance, for those that are able to determine what is in it for themselves and what is at stake. At this point it is worth remembering that we get what we expect. So below is a review on what some of the key benefits of investing time in online marketing that show up for most people.

Online marketing investment benefits:

Great for personal growth – develop new skills

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The internet is full of an increasing range of tools that consistently transform how we connect with each other. And for online marketing that is not simply about how we can connect with customers or subscribers.

The interconnecting web of the internet is so large and diverse. It has become even easier to link up with like-minded people who can support and mentor you in your journey.  There is so much information at our fingertips.

Now our greater challenge is not accessing information that leads us to growth but how we organise it and ourselves. And this is where connecting with mentors and a network community can be one of the greatest personal investments.

Drive leads and Increase sales

This is one of the most enjoyable parts of investing time in online marketing. This is where you get to see the results of all your efforts. Even if it may take you longer than you first expected. If you persist with confidence in following a proven system and commit yourself to a process of continual improvement then the possibility that you first envisioned will eventuate. And when it does, the simple fact that it does is often a greater reward than any physical or monetary gain achieved. This is the great value of personal achievement.  

In fact it is the excitement over personal victories that is most attractive for your customers.

It is better to simply focus on appreciating the process of learning and growing in the present moment.  All the effort invested in a purpose naturally materialises better if we aren’t attached to the outcome. And maybe not as we first expected.

Generate multiple streams of income 

Steady ways to grow multiple streams of income

Because online marketing is so scalable it is simpler to create multiple streams of income. 

Regular business ventures can be scalable in their own way but this often comes with greater risk and can require more time to increase and grow. 

Building an online marketing business carries less risk than starting a regular business. All the resources to get started and generate income are easily accessed for most people. All you need is a laptop and access to the internet!

It is also easier to diversify income online marketing than it is through regular businesses. It does not require overhead expenses or rely on finding an ideal fixed location for running your business. 

Online Marketing is simple to automate

Because the internet it is constantly being updated and advanced there are increasing number of ways to automate online marketing. This is how it becomes possible to produce a passive source of income.

Furthermore, online marketing helps you learn more about how to best communicate with customers.

Provides means to promote your personal values/brand

Many people may ask what is so important about promoting personal values/brand.

‘Aren’t there already too many over-blown egos in the world?’, is a valid viewpoint to have on the matter. 

However, finding a voice to share your own true personal value is more important. When you get to share your unique strengths with the world then an increasing number of people benefit. And it is certainly possible to share your personal value without an over-inflated ego. In fact, it works best when you simply share through your natural voice and personality.

Online marketing has many different methods for promoting personal value. It’s possible to specifically select a method that best suits your unique style. Having a captivating brand can inspire others. As you get to inspire others it is natural that this would further motivate you. Simply put, it feels great when you can see that what you are sharing is valued by others.

That said, though, it is important to approach sharing your values from a position that puts your reader’s needs first. This is how you can best inspire others. It is also feeds back positively to help motivate you. 

As they say: one good turn deserves another….

What goes around comes around…

The more you lean in the more rewards you get.

In my view the greatest personal benefit that comes from contributing to others is personal growth. When you offer service to others you are best positioned to  learn more about them as well as learning from them.

Through all the effort – it’s FUN! 

This is mostly because of how much it teaches you about yourself.  It is not to say that it is not challenging or even down right difficult at times. To the contrary it is more particularly through facing challenges that the journey of building your own online business so rewarding.

That is also why there is nothing better to invest effort and resources into – YOU! To invest time in online marketing is simply a powerful way to invest in yourself.

Find out how to Create a business that fulfills your passions and grows with you.

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