GOOGLE ADS – make ‘em pay

“Is Google Ads burning your cash?”

“…ways to stop Google Ads burning your budget”

There is a lot that is said about how easy it is to burn your money on Google Ads. Even to the point that some burnt out critics go so far as to label the tech giant’s advertising platform a “SCAM”!

If so many people are questioning the value of Google Ads, then why are they still considered to be such a valid means of promoting business on the internet – quite simply because it is the BIGGEST fish in the red ocean. And if you can align your business with the biggest fish then the expectation is that your business can fair better in the sea of red ocean, blood-bath competition.

Simple steps that can help ensure that you get a return on your google ads investment.

Eliminate Click Fraud: Click fraud is known to affect approximately 11% of businesses running a PPC campaign according to a Global PPC Click Fraud Report. And it’s known to potentially cost small businesses big time and larger businesses even more! There are tools available to help avert click fraud, but ultimately it is best to make sure your are on top of all your website tracking, specifically to keep a close eye for any abnormalities in impression, click-through and conversion rates.

Focus on Buyer Intent: Align your ad to specifically target each unique buyer intent. Develop a clear picture of your ideal customer. When you have a clear outline about the buying interests of your Avatar then start to script your ad copy so that it speaks exclusively to that Avatar.

Bid on branded keywords: try to direct traffic away of branded competitors. But there are limitations to this method: it lacks personal creativity. This may not sound so important but if you are constantly patterning your marketing on the actions of your biggest competitors then very quickly your own marketing efforts could lose your own unique spark.

Be careful of broad match: A scatter-gun approach doesn’t produce finely targeted outcomes. It is a common mistake that many marketers make to assume that by limiting the field of advertising reach that you will also severely limit your chances for roping in a wide field of customers. But remember that all customers are not created equal and that’s why it is so important to first work out clearly what are the unique characteristics of your most prized customer. 

Use negative keywordsCANCEL CULTURE. By eliminating keywords/phrases that you know will not be relevant for your marketing avatar. At this point you can clearly see a common thread to this article – Go for gold by refusing the dross. Identifying negative keywords are the easiest ways to clarify the kind of customers that you don’t want to attract to your business.

Measure results: By measuring results you set yourself up to learn what your numbers are telling you. Certainly numbers don’t lie but our interpretation of them can corrupt their meaning. So at this point it’s important to understand what benchmarks you are aiming for in your numbers. And by having clarity around how to interpret your results you can then use them to guide you in how to direct your marketing methods.

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