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Online Business – Where to Start

Starting an online business can be overwhelming – certainly if you don’t know where to start. So where should you start with an online business?

In previous posts I have written about whether it is necessary to prepare a business plan. The verdict was out on that point – some people expect that it’s essential, others claim that with easily accessible options for online business like ecommerce and affiliate marketing it is not so necessary. In any case though it is best to at least have a clear picture about what you want to acheive. Even if that is simply an expectation that you will start up a regular blog cor content marketing.

Start with the end in mind – Plan

Some of the best plans that have lead to business success have been said to have been written on the back of beer mats. But at least getting a clear picture of where you want to go or what you want to create is key.

Now that doesn’t mean that you have to have a detailed picture of every detail of your desired manifestation. A lot of the time it helps to simply trust that your plan will unfold in ways that you haven’t got any idea about. And that’s where it helps to be flexible about your expectations.

Flexibility for growth

Expectations can be great for bringing sharper intentionality to a goal you are working towards. But they can also detract from your progress when the plan becomes to rigid. Adaptation is a key quality for any business to thrive and sometimes even simply to survive.  And another problem that can come from holding onto to a plan too rigidly is that it can lead to discouragement if your expectations aren’t being met.

Now this is a throw back to my last post which compared the two approaches for motivation – the Carrot and the Stick. It’s good to know what suits your mode of operation best. But certainly there are too many budding online entrepreneurs that give up simply because they get stuck in feeling that they are not making any progress in their business. 

With a flexible plan that remains anchored to a fixated determination for getting your business to succeed you can find a way to make lemonade when life gives you lemons.

Stick to the plan

With determination it doesn’t matter so much if your plan is not unfolding the way you first expected or hoped. The great value of determination means that your success has already been determined even just by your declaration. All it requires for you to make it work is to stick to fulfilling on what you committed to in the first place. Keep moving towards your destination. At some point you will get there.

Dealing with set-backs and distractions

Set-backs are not the same as distractions. Set-backs can break your confidence in your game plan.  Distractions take your eye off the ball.  But both experiences have the potential to throw you off course. So a solution for both of these problems comes in bringing focus back to your original intention. By bringing your focus back to the heart of what it is you want to acheive you train your attention to stay on on track to reaching your target.

Taking time out is an essential part of keeping your focus trained on reaching your goal. This allows serendiptity to play its part in supporting you in your efforts. There are numerous examples of how some of the most inspired thoughts have come to people when they have stepped aside from their project focus and allowed there subconscious mind to distill the intense activity of the pre-frontal cortex into new perceptions of the project at hand from other angles.

Albert Einstein came across his greatest breakthrough in his effort to piece together his Theory of Relativity when he took time out to rest. As for Thomas Edison when he was seeking fresh ideas for overcoming big challenges in his work he would often fall to sleep in a chair while holding steel balls in his hand simply so that he would be immediately woken up when he started drifting off to sleep. He was quick to realise that most of his creative ideas would be triggered while his mind was in the theta phase, that twighlight phase between an awakened state and sleep.

Three keys to finding focus in your online business development.

Manage your space – 

Setting up a productive workspace is one of the key foundations for helping train your focus. It’s great if you can set up your own ‘office’ space in your home. But for many people, including myself with a family of four, that’s just not possible. So something that I have found effective is to set up my environment so that I am surrounded by reminders of what my focus goals for growing my online business are. These reminders come in the form of prompts, books and music that help me focus. 

Plan your work and work to your plan – set goals

It has been pointed out that there are options for building an online business that does not require a detailed business plan from the beginning. But even if that is your preferred approach it is important that you at least take moments to plan actions for building your business on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. That’s because without tracking your actions for growing your business it will be difficult to have a clear grasp on where best to focus your efforts. 

Through setting goals for your business growth you can monitor your progress. Without any goal in mind then building your business will lose focus – on two fronts. Without a clear focus of purpose it will become difficult to manage your personal actions that will bring about the kind of growth you are looking for. And if your business lacks focus in its marketing, services or products then your customer base will struggle to understand what your core business values or standards are. 

Accountability – 

Running any business demands accountability. And that is what is one of the most empowering points to building your own business. When you know that the buck stops with you it is essential that you know that you are in control of your business. And that demands self-discipline. 

Connect with online marketing innovators

The origin of the word discipline comes from a collective frame of reference. To be a disciple means that you would adhere to a set standard of living following a master or teacher. So in order to be accountable in following the steps of building an online business it helps to connect with an accountability team that can help you stay disciplined in growing your business. 

So in looking for where to start in building an online business:

  • Set your plan out clearly – Start with the end in mind – what are you aiming for most?
  • Manage your environment, including the way you choose to interpret your environment and resources in front of you
  • Establish a system of accountability – one that challenges you to grow outside of your comfort zone.
Are you ready to take control of your life? Building your own online marketing business is a great way to do that.

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