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How to build online business confidence

Buiding an online business sounds great for those that know how to make it work. But what if you don’t have a lot of online business confidence?

It comes as a given that in order to build a successful online business you first need to have a lot of online business confidence. This excludes most people from giving any thought about how they could start their own online business. But there are a number of ways around this – even if you doubt whether you have any confidence in building your own online business. Let’s look into it:

Finding confidence in building an online business- where to start

Building confidence in starting a new venture comes from having clarity about what motivates you. Finding that clarity comes from knowing what your purpose is. And from following your purpose with intentionality. 

For many people seeking to build an online business their first focus is simply to learn how to build a passive source of income. And that is a reasonable motivating factor in itself. The more that you are able to align your business around doing what you love though the more drive you’ll have for making your business grow. Because there will certainly be plenty of challenges to face. 

Motivating factors and misguided assumptions

Most important is that you at least don’t rest your motivating factors on misguided assumptions. One of the most common misconceptions that people have about building an online business is that it is a quick ticket to easy money. That it ain’t. And that’s one of the biggest reasons why so many online business ventures fail – because the focus is only about making a quick buck.

So in learning how to build your online business confidence it certainly helps to draw on multiple sources of motivation. And there are a number of ways to approach that; through the old carrot/stick methods, through removing barriers to your sources of motivation and through connecting with a support community.

The Carrot or the Stick

Is it something that inspires you or a pain point that pushes you

Both can work to get you into motion to take action that will help you create the change that you want. But they certainly don’t work the same way and it helps to know what the side-effects can be for each approach.

The Carrot approach

carrot motivation method, online business confidence

The Carrot is most often touted as being the best form of motivation given that it focuses on drawing you into acting on your goals through inspiration. It literally gives you a boost of fresh air through breathing energy into your actions. But for most people there it is hard to be imbued with that drive of inspired energy all the time. Especially after you have spent weeks and months following all the right steps for building your business without any results. There are some hacks for this such as visualising your end goal. That can be done through meditation, vision boarding, regularly writing down your goals and progress towards them, etc.

Dealing with Challenges – Hitting the Wall

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But many people liken building an online business to running a marathon. One thing that is common to all marathoners is the experience of ‘hitting the wall’. Many marathoners find they hit the wall around about the 30 km mark. That’s about 3/4 the way through the course.

Generally ‘hitting the wall’ means reaching a point of exhaustion where the body wants to shut down. After using its most accessible sources of energy more energy needs to be converted from long-term stores, ie. fat reserves. And because the brain is mostly composed of fatty tissue it automatically reduces its activity when the preferred, accessible stores of quick energy are used up. The act of self-preservation is instinctual. Yet self-preservation by its own description follows a conservative course that does not support new and creative growth. So it’s understandable when runners hit that ‘wall’ they’ll have trouble sustaining focus for reaching their goal.

When seeking to build your own online business the experience can be very similar. Because it’s a long-term venture there will inevitably be moments when it becomes difficult to maintain focus that’ll help you reach your goal.

Give it the Stick

give it the stick, finding online business confidence

In those moments when it’s easy to get mired in negativity and it feels like you’re hitting the proverbial ‘wall’ it can be helpful to train your focus on what is the cost of you not taking action to build your own online business and work towards your goals for creating a passive income and a life of freedom and ease. This is certainly a more negative form of motivation. Coercion is rarely seen a favourable to following inspiration. But nonetheless it can be a powerful force of motivation. Another thing that will determine whether the Carrot or Stick approach is better suited to your situation is your character.

Limiting Beliefs – 

Limiting beliefs arguably present the biggest obstacle for any aspiring entrepreneur’s path to building an online business. They are responsible for killing the greatest and noblest of aspirations that never came to fruition. And there is a fair chance that you are on their Hitlist.

One primary reason why limiting beliefs are so insidiously destructive is because they come from within. And it’s because they arise from your own thoughts that it feels as though they’re your natural, authentic state.

Dealing with Limiting Beliefs

The origin of limiting beliefs exists for a similar reason that the brain and body will automatically switch into a mode of self preservation when pushed to the limit. Limiting beliefs were ingrained in our collective psyche even when we first ventured beyond the protective harbour of our prehistoric homes. Their purpose was instinctual – self-preservation at all costs.

But limiting beliefs can be controlled. Because they arise from our own thoughts we can control them through taking charge of what we focus our attention on. One of the easiest ways to control limiting beliefs is to identify them as thoughts separate from our true identity. Some people even find it helpful to give their Limiting Beliefs a personal name. By giving it a name they can choose to ignore and push them aside. Another way to gain mastery over limiting beliefs is to surround yourself with a community of support that will help keep your focus on reaching your online business goals.

The Power of Community

online marketing community

Surrounding yourself with a support team is considered essential for elite athletes. The same should be the case for building your own online business. Jim Rohn is most attributed with the quote that states:

You are average of the five people you spend the most time with’. 

Jim Rohn

On this basis getting in with a community that helps uplift you to the level of success that you aspire to can make all the difference in how quickly you progress on your online business development. Connecting with a supportive online community can help you in a number of ways. It can lift up your expectations of what you can achieve. It can also help provide support in areas that you are not skilled. And it can help provide encouragement when things get tough. All up such a community can help train your focus for reaching your goal. This is how a supportive community can help boost your online business confidence and help you get to where your want.

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