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Keep up with changing technology in online business

The speed of technological change in online business can be overwhelming.

But not so if you follow these basic hacks that will help you keep up with changing technology.

Many people hold back from starting an online business because they fret about keeping up with changing technology. If that sounds like you then take a moment to consider both sides of the matter. 

The two main reasons people won’t even try to keep up with changing technology

  1. Most people think that it is simply to hard to keep up
  2. Many others lose perspective in what they expect they can achieve in building their own online business

Building an online business that generates a passive income can be rewarding. But if you have stopped short of this possibility because you thought the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze think again. What you have thought is too difficult needn’t be necessarily so.

When people are stopped by fear of handling tech changes they are often blind to the hidden cost of their inaction.  What you may think is only a small opportunity cost can easily blow out to a drastic deficit. That’s the gap between the status quo and your true future fulfilled.

The instinct to avoid things that we don’t understand is a common one for most people. And it’s not surprising since it can be hard to get a measure of the value of anything that we don’t know about. If we don’t see any value in pursuing a particular objective then most likely we won’t have enough motivation to invest enough time and effort into it in the first place.

Potential Pay-off vs. Opportunity Cost – Two sides of the same coin

So to help keep up with changing technology in building an online business it pays to at least have an understanding about what is the potential pay-off for  building your own business. And the benefits can be varied depending on what you want to focus on mostly. Some stand-out benefits include the opportunity to set up a business that can work for you around the clock; one that pays dividends and generates income even while you sleep. Another benefit that attracts many people is the scope to run an online business with maximum flexibility: from any location and on any schedule that you choose. 

Then there’s the opportunity to be your own boss; write your own cheques and invest in creating a business that aligns with your own passions. This is the kind of opportunity that lets you remove the tedium of work and earn a living from doing what you love.

There’s a common supposition that the very newness of emergent technologies is the key driver of collective anxiety. Thus, advocates argue that public resistance to scientific and technological developments will fade as people become more familiar with them.

The Scientific American

Better to enquire than to avoid. Better to try than to dismiss. Growth only comes to those who are willing to take on the risk of failure. If you never try then you walk away with nothing. But even if you fail to succeed after trying 10 times over then at least you will walk away with a wealth of experience from the process.

On that level it can be helpful to remember that less than twenty years ago many of today’s most valued jobs didn’t even exist. Taking time to learn how to build an online business can give you the creative edge to stay ahead of the curve of changes in the job market. And those changes are happening quickly.

Nine of the top ten most in-demand jobs of 2012 did not exist in 2003, suggesting that this latest revolution is creating new employment opportunities.

Derek O’Halloran, Head of Information Technology and Electronics Industries, World Economic Forum 

To make it easier from the beginning it can be prudent to first test the waters so to speak.

How best to test the waters?

Onlinine marketing training

One caveat to the advice for connecting with qualified sources of information on tech developments: Be careful not to oversubscribe yourself. Make sure that whatever newsletters and forums you sign up for are helping you increase your awareness about changes in the tech industry. It’s so easy otherwise to simply get overwhelmed and inundated by the flood of information.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is consistently the most used pathway for people getting started with building an online business. The key reasons for this are simple. As an affiliate you get to sell someone else’s product/service for which you receive a commission. The only investments required to run an affiliate business are in your marketing of the product/service.

Marketing your own personal interests.

The accessiblility of the online business industry is opened up by the democratisation of internet real estate. All anyone needs to get into online business is access to the internet which is commonly available to most people across the world.

Getting set up with the basic foundations in registering a domain name, setting up a website and marketing your business online is relatively simple. It need not necessarily require a large financial investment. It does not require out-payments for overhead expenses. And it’s possible to run your business from home. And if you are bootstrapping your business from the get-go then it can make it easier to push through the sweat of your effort if you are locked into building a business around something you love. The added advantage of building a business from your passion is that you will naturally carry a high level charisma in showing your personal brand.

Building your own personal brand

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Everyone has their own personal brand. For anyone that is unsure about what there personal brand is it is easier to question what their brand would/should like. Much easier than the question: Do I have a brand? That’s simply because the second question is redundant and misses the point altogether. It is the same as asking the world do I have an individually unique personality. Some people may not feel that they have a strongly unique personality. But the same as how everybody’s fingerprints are different so is each personality distinct from everyone else.

‘Yes, but saying everyone’s personality is different doesn’t mean that everyone’s personality is worth sharing with the world’

A voice inside your head

Fair comment, but everyone can build a very distinct brand that shares their unique values with the world.

Arguably the most accessible way to build a personal brand is through the internet. So the benefit of keeping up with changing technology through internet platforms clearly pays off. 

It is also a great way to grow creatively through building skills in adaptability. And that is an edge that will only increase in value with time. The speed at which automation in the workplace is rolling out right in front of us is only increasing. The uniquely human strengths of creativity and adaptability will remain as two of the key qualities that will uphold our personal value to society.

Test various platforms for marketing your online business

Through testing the waters of online business opportunities you can get a good understanding for what elements of the internet could work best for you. Starting out from scratch to build an online business can be hard. Especially on a shoestring budget. But even in this situation it’s possible. Just review a wide range of organic marketing options available. But if you have a good understanding about your budget then consider the pros and cons of each paid marketing platform available.

Are you ready to take control of your life? Building your own online marketing business is a great way to do that.

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