In this New Year – Replace Resolution with Resolve

In order to succeed at anything it helps to switch a Resolution with Resolve.

It means a lot more when an intention is transformed into determined action. That is what happens when you replace a simple resolution with resolve.

It’s fair to say that almost everyone wants to improve their life in some way. And at no other time in the year is that urge poked and prodded than at the turn of a New Year. After all it’s a completely fresh start for most after the end of year festivities following Christmas. But the track record for success in making New Year’s resolutions work is not good. So much so that it practically seems an embarrassment to admit to undertaking a New Year’s resolution. There are some key tricks to making a new New Year’s resolution work. To start with let’s focus on one point: Replace Resolution with Resolve.

Replace Resolution with Resolve

In that sentence you will notice for one that the reference to New Year has been completely removed. This is important. Probably the biggest reason why New Year resolutions don’t work is because they’re tied to one specific time of the Year. But when that motivation for change is interrupted by circumstances then the resolution goes out the window. 

A resolution often lacks the commitment required to overcome setbacks because it is seen only as a one-off action. But here it is helpful to remember that the word resolution comes from the word ‘resolve’ which can be helpfully interpreted as a process for re-peatedly seeking a means to solve the challenge at hand.

In making a resolution, especially a New Year’s resolution, then chances are that the focus on implementing change will be limited. But being resolved to make a change requires ongoing commitment. Even when things don’t go according to plan that there is a determination to find an alternative means of reaching the goal.

Being resolved on a matter means that the outcome has already been determined. What you do to make it happen is simply a matter of what has been declared. If your action is not consistent with that declaration then it is brought to a position of accountability. It will either put out or shut shop.

If the only option is to shut shop and close the curtains on a particular project then there will be a lot to learn from that experience. That wealth of experience can be invested into a new venture. And if the lessons have been learnt well then the same mistakes won’t be repeated. It’s helpful to remember at this point that success is built on a solid foundation of respectfully processed and compacted failures.

The point of compacting failures is an important one. It means that a mistake is properly compartmentalised. By taking responsibility for mistakes you get to own them. That way you get to control them and define them for what they were. And that way the experience of failure can never define you. So you get to use them in a way that moves your game forward.

Replace resolution with resolve – in business

Occupationally one of the best ways to take control of moving your game forward is to invest in a business that works for you and not the other way round. That’s certainly the case with building an online business. Given the flexibility and accessibility available through online marketing and online business development there are almost inexhaustible options available. 

It is even possible to set up profitable businesses with little or no capital. Provided you are able to put in the level of effort required for growing your business successfully. So in a system where you determine your level of personal investment into building you own online business you are always in the box seat. And that is where you get to determine the outcome of your success.

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