Learn how best to plan for creative growth

How to Plan For Creative Growth

In this weeks post I want to share my discoveries about the importance of investing in personal Creative Growth and how to plan for Creative Growth.

Living the life that you want is generally not achieved simply by having all the money you could imagine. There are consistently tragic situations where people lose all hope and happiness in their life, even when they have all the money in the world!

The true path to a fulfilled life comes through creating the life that you want. And more than anything it arises out of the effort and experience of doing the kind of work that you are inspired by and inspire others with.

Where to start in planning for creative growth 

Begin with the end in mind. By building a clear picture about your end goal you will make your objective much more achievable. 

Learn how to map out your path to creative growth

Closely matched with knowing what your end goal is, it is helpful to have clarity around what your most motivating purpose is. This is more than simply knowing what your key interests are. 

Doing whatever floats your boat is the surest way to ensure that you feel good about what you are doing. But better than that is to get to the essence of what you find most valuable in your life. Then you are better positioned to be able to work through any challenges and obstacles that get in your way.

Map out your pathway 

The best way to do this is first to look for leading mentors who have already achieved what you want. Study their experience and pattern your life after them. That doesn’t mean that you need to copy exactly what they have done. Although some people will state that’s the approach they took. It could be better to adapt your mentor’s approach to fit with what works best for you.

Once you have a clear picture of what your end goal is and how you will get there it is vital that you specify what are those critical actions that are necessary for achieving your objective.

Draft up an action plan 

Schedule how you will implement the actions that you will take for reaching your goal. When doing this it is helpful to look at defining what are the critical actions that you can do on a daily basis that will propel you towards your goal.

Plan for growth

This also needs to be done with consideration for what works best for you. If you are a morning person that loves to get up with the sun, or earlier then it is often better to schedule your critical actions for building your creative growth to those hours when you find you have the most energy and focus of attention. Conversely if you are a night owl then you might find it more productive to schedule time to complete your critical actions at night.

No matter how you draft your action plan be clear how you will prioritise your time in taking those actions. Outline what are the most critical actions that will get you to where you want. Then clearly write down how you will take time consistently each week, every day, to focus on those critical actions.  

Follow through

Follow through means that you keep doing what you said you would do. There is no point having an action plan if it is not implemented. But even more than that there is no point in having an action plan that is not implemented WITH INTENTIONALITY.

There is a big difference between taking action consistent with you plan for creative growth and doing it with intention. It is possible to simply take action as though you are merely gong through the paces. This is no better than what most people do when stuck in a 9-to-5 job that they put with simply to grab a pay check at the end of each week. Likewise it is possible to be expend a lot of energy in taking action consistently towards your goal and still not get anywhere if there is no clarity of purpose or focus on what are the next best steps to take that will move you forward. There is a world of difference in being busy and being productive. That’s where reviewing your plan is helpful.

Review you plan for creative growth and make changes where needed

When following a plan for creative growth it is inevitable that you’ll need to change your plan along the way. That is simply an essential part of your own personal creative growth. Facing challenges and being forced into positions that call on you to step up and stretch yourself is an essential element of any path towards creative growth.

And once you are on a roll it is helpful to review what is working best in your plan for creative growth so that you can then know how to stay on the right ticket. In online marketing this is what is known as Rinse and Repeat. In my next post I will cover how to create an online marketing plan for creative business growth.

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