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Online Marketing Positive Action – Find Your Mojo

The key to Online Marketing Positive Action – How to find your marketing mojo.

Getting started with any endeavour requires motivation. At least some spark of inspiration that lights up an interest to contemplate what it is you want to achieve. And that is critical in building an online marketing business. This article explains how to keep your online marketing in positive territory.

Online Marketing Positive Action – Choose your WHAT

First it helps to know what it is you want to achieve.

  • An increase in cash-flow?
  • Freedom and flexibility in choosing your work hours?
  • Building a business brand that reflects your true passion?

Online marketing is a great vehicle for succeeding in all of the areas listed above. It’s brilliant to first brainstorm about all of the areas in which you want to see your business grow. This is great for envisaging your end goal. But in terms of making your business get off to the best start possible it is better to zero in on what is singularly the biggest motivating factor that will drive your business to where you want it to go.

Online Marketing Positive Action – Find Your WHY

Once you have a clear picture about What it is you most want to achieve through launching your online marketing business it is important to be clear on Why it is so important.

Find your Why and you will find your Way.

John C. Maxwell

This is what will supercharge your determination to take action on fulfilling on your ambition. Knowing your true purpose for building your online marketing business is what will carry you through any challenge and past any obstacle that you will face on your way.

Here your Why should be clearly distinguished from your What. It doesn’t work to simply say you are doing this because you want to increase your income. That is not getting to the heart of what will motivate you most. 

Your Why will be deeper and more personal than that. It will have its origins in those things that you feel most passionately for. It will come from the source of your most basic values.

Finding your why is often an endeavour that will take time. The more intently you look for it the more you will discover. But the best indicator that will let you know when you have found your why is simply to reflect on its impact on you.

(Simon Sinek wrote a good book on discovering your purpose, titled as Find Your Why.)

If you come to a Purpose that fills you with energy and drive then follow that. And if you happen to reach a point that your Purpose seems to lose its power of inspiration then it is time to dig a little deeper and explore more about what it is that drives you most of all.

Online Marketing Positive Action – Determine your HOW

Once you know your What and your Why then it is possible to move on to the How.

A key point of advice that I have found most helpful in following How best to work on building a growing online marketing business is simply to get connected with the reputable training resources and follow a course of online marketing that best aligns with your personal skills and interests. And that is where online marketing is particularly effective.

Given the range of methods for marketing online it is possible to find a style that suits you whether that’s through content blogging, vlogging, e-mail, creative design, social media or paid advertising.

It’s through the How that you get to take Action. This is where you can most effectively generate results that will lead to your online marketing success. And the best method for making your How most effective is persistently taking positive action. 

There is a clear difference between simply taking action from what clearly stands out as positive action – and it’s all to do with attitude.

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This its what always makes all the difference. With the right attitude it doesn’t even matter so much whether the action you are taking at any moment is the best action or even the right action. Because with the right attitude actions that even lead to mistakes or missteps in your journey can quickly be corrected to get you back on target. 

Certainly it is essential that you constantly look for how best to grow your business, but learning by doing is what building any business is all about.

So what are the key tips for taking positive action.

1.) Know your Purpose

Always keep in mind what your Why is. This is your guiding star that will help you make the necessary course corrections on your journey. Nobody gets it right all the time. The path to success is not measured by your moments of success but more by how you overcome setbacks and failure.

2.) Plan your pathway

Outline your strategy for What it is you want to achieve and How you plan to get there. This step will provide the map that will help you determine the best pathway to reach your goal.

3.) Follow through and stay true

Thirdly: know the value of persistence and celebrate your hard work. Along with giving yourself space to rest and relax when you need to it is important to reflect on all your efforts and congratulate yourself for any progress that you make, no matter how small.

4.) Picture your success

Specifically work to visualise how your life would be once you have reached your goal. This step ties in closely with the benefit of knowing your Why. But apart from simply verbalising your purpose it is more powerful to fill out a picture of how you would feel, look and be once you have reached your goal.

When followed with conviction these steps will keep you on the right track for building your online marketing business in the most positive way. 

Are you ready to create a business that fulfills your passions and grows with you?

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