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Tips for keeping an open mind in online marketing

Tips for keeping an open mind in online marketing

A key driver of growth in the initial phase is curiosity. This comes from having an open mind. When you are open-minded you prepare yourself to be most receptive to adopting new knowledge and skills necessary for success in building an online marketing business.

“An open mind is a free mind….When you open your mind, you give your imagination freedom to act for you.”

Napoleon Hill

Having an open mind also allows you to make new connections. It puts you in a position of learning. And a learning disposition is what it takes to continually grow. 

That is now more prevalent than at any time in history before. The world is ever-changing at an increased pace and the digital economy is at the heart of that. So it is all the more important for us to adopt a position of open-minded learning. This will be what most determines people’s success in the future workplace. 

Even affiliate marketing leaders know that it’s vital to keep an open mind to stay on top of their game.

This is the hallmark of entrepreneurs: to consistently be open to capitalising on new opportunities and mitigating any arising threats. It is true, that being constantly switched on for business is counter-productive. As they say: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Evenso, it is certainly necessary to have a consistent focus for how to grow your business.

This comes back to the difference between having a growth mindset or having a fixed mindset.

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An open mind precedes the adoptation of a growth mindset.

In my own experience, things that I find hold me back from effectively applying open-minded learning is when I have thoughts like:

  • I could never do that
  • I’m just not that kind of a person
  • I’ve got enough life experience and education to be able to work this out

 I could never do that – 

There is a difference between knowing what is physically impossible and what is too difficult for us to achieve. Our mindset determines the difference. If something is seen as too difficult it’s only made that way because of how we choose to see it.  If we remove the ‘too’ then ‘too difficult’ is immediately reduced to simply being ‘difficult’. Likewise, this change of thinking is what lets us turn the ‘impossible’ into something that is made ‘possible’.

I’m just not that kind of person – 

If we say that about something that we have no interest in then it may be a fair comment. But more often than this is the kind of cop-out that is used to protect our ego. The tragedy of this point of view is that it stops us from making our dreams a reality because we simply choose not to put in the effort. Similarly, this point of view is the clear victim of a fixed and limited mindset. But with an open-minded approach it is possible for us to adopt new ways of thinking and new ways of being. And when we can experience being in a new way we can become the kind of person that can make those dreams reality.

I‘ve got enough life experience and education to be able to work this out –

This is an insidious perspective that similarly comes from a position of pride that basically says “I am better off working this out on my own”. It’s perfect to have a fiercely independent, can-do attitude when committing to start out your own business, but if it is not balanced with a willingness to be open-minded then the opportunities for growth are limited. Being open-minded allows you to approach any situation with a fresh outlook. And that is where new breakthroughs in understanding and action show up.

What does it take to approach online marketing with an open mind?

Prepare to listen 

all-ears listening, active listening,

If you take time to listen to ways that online marketing can enrich your life, whether through business generation, freeing your time up, or giving you a new outlet for personal growth then you can open yourself to any number of new possibilities available for directing your life to where you want.

Take action to explore

exlpore new territories

Try it out – There are so many options available these days for online marketing. Online businesses and software tools are often promoted with a low cost, or even free, trial period as an introductory offer. That will allow you to explore and test many of the resources/services supplied. This is especially important if online marketing is something that is completely new to you. It allows you time to discover more about how online marketing training services could best be applied to promoting your business interests.

Consider the value of fulfilling your dreams

It is possible to simply follow the pack or the most current top-performing trend in starting an online marketing business. But if your business doesn’t align with your own purpose and passion then it is likely that you will quickly find the demands of online business being at least as constraining as the confines of your old 9 to 5 life as an employee working for the man. You might like to consider the possibilities of how online marketing can give you freedom of time, location, and direction around work. This can then open up possibilities for creating your own Future Fulfilled.

The opportunities available to us today for creating our own life by design are vast, and they grow by the day. Online marketing has become a powerful tool to make that possible. It has leveled the playing field and made starting personally fulfilling and inspired businesses more accessible for more people than at any other time in history. 

This is the time to capitalise on that.

Are you ready to create a business that fulfills your passions and grows with you?

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