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Take time out to invest in yourself

What are the best ways to take time out to invest in yourself?

If you are committed to boosting your own creative growth it is important to take time to invest in yourself.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself” 

Warren Buffet

Making time to think freely is often over looked as an important method for investing in ‘yourself’. As was discussed in P2C – Meditation, there is value of taking time out to step away from fixed ways of thinking . 

By taking time to free up your thought from fixed ways of thinking you allow yourself to access new areas of growth. This is similar to the comparison between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

Take time out to invest in yourself: Benefits of free-thinking

Open your mind to value taking time to invest in yourself

Taking time to think freely lets you access new ideas, approaches, potential improvements. It also raises the level of personal investment into a project:

—> In an organisation, making space for free-thinking encourages members to invest more of themselves in the process of contributing. Essentially this opens up space for team members to ‘lean-in’ on adding their personal effort.

—> In a personal case, allowing space to think freely can help you get a greater perspective on being in charge of determining the outcome or output of a project.

—> On a personal level, it provides a means to make a project possibility inherently your own. As with teams, it opens up space for you to more actively ‘lean-in’ on bringing your project to its most productive completion.

Take time out to invest in yourself: Benefit of investing in yourself

Take time to rest your mind as means to invest in yourself

Investing in oneself is said to be the greatest investment that an individual can ever make in their life. Afterall, each of us only has one life that we experience so why not aim to get the most growth out of it?

The primary benefit of investing in yourself is that you have the most to gain from it. Furthermore, when you get the most growth in your ability then it is often the experience that the world around you also benefits.

Ways to invest in yourself:

  • Invest in your health/well-being
  • Retrain/up-skill
  • Undertake a creative pursuit
  • Travel
  • Start a side business that aligns with your personal interests

Being Open-minded is similar to free-thinking. Free-thinking means you do not let your thoughts be limited by standard ways of doing things. If you are Open-minded you are prepared to take on new ideas. I will share more on the value of being Open-minded in one of next weeks posts on Pathways to Creativity. But relevant to the topic on the value of investing in yourself being Open-minded simply opens you up to the possibility of an even greater level of personal growth.

Take time out to invest in yourself: How to develop free-thinking habits: 

Plan for break-out times that are focused on investing in your own health and boosting your confidence. 

These include: 

  • Exercising, 
  • Exploring, ie. go to new places 
  • Take time to develop new skills that are simply done for the fun of it, ie. playing music, sport etc.
  • Look for new ways to ‘join the dots’ in your life, ie. look for ways create new possibilities and connections through the experiences and resources you have
  • Seek feedback and practice the art of active listening
  • Choose to approach your next ‘failure’ as a golden opportunity. 

Yet, so many of us nod our heads in agreement when we hear the line that….

 Every success is built on TOP OF a compacted foundation of failures. 

Evenso, it’s so easy to fall back into a habit of letting negative experiences drag us down. In an instant this can distract us from taking positive actions towards achieving our highest goals. 

Unfortunately this is one of the easiest habits to fall into.

It’s better to take a negative experience as a powerful lesson that we know will strengthen us. This is where we can gain mastery over those pitfalls.

This is where we can develop our most powerful creative force. Through building our strength to clear any obstacles in our path we make way for our accessing our true potential.

This is what comes from allowing ourselves to think freely and clearly focus on what we truely want. Indeed when you open your mind to take time out to invest in yourself you grant yourself access to Your Future Fulfilled.

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