‘Did YOU buy enough toilet paper?’ – Dealing with FOMO

The picture above is typical of many supermarkets across the world. 

There have been many jokes about the shortage of Toilet rolls and yet the shelves remain empty. Why is it that if so many of us get the absurdity of the behaviour and end up doing the same?

It has made me wonder how many rolls of toilet paper does any individual really need – is it mostly because people anticipate that they will simply need extra tissues to blow their nose and substitute their facial tissue supply? Do they anticipate going ‘off the grid’ for more than a month? 

Now even an increasing number of basic food supplies have become more scarce. And the irony in Australia is that we are a net food (and toilet paper!) exporter. And when we listen to sensibility we hear that in all rationality we should not normally run out of basic supplies – unless panic buying gets out of hand.

Psychology of being in ‘Control’ 

There is a balance between preparing and taking excessive pre-emptive action. The difference shows up in the motivating emotions for these actions – concern and fear. This follows the comparison between Response and Reaction.

Through Response we can follow a logical course of action to prepare for challenges that may arise. Such as training to develop new skills to access new work opportunities.

Through Reaction – we instinctively act in a way that doesn’t wait or look for any logic/reason to justify the course of action taken. The risk of this type of action is that it is not as well thought through. This can trigger a chain of  ill-conceived actions that compound the original problem.

Certainly there are a lot of signs that we are heading towards a reactionary cycle in the wold economy driven by fear of losses. This presents challenges individually and as a global community. How we choose to act in these circumstances, whether to React or Respond, will make all the difference to how we come out of this period of uncertainty. 

This is exactly one reason I chose to follow a path of investing in building my own business and diversifying my income streams through getting into training for building businesses in online marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of those pathways to diversifying my income that stood out for me because of its scope to be set up as an automated system that can grow a passive income 365 days a year. 

The current situation that places many of the regular sources of supply and access to work under increasing uncertainty will pass – just like the Global Financial Crisis only 10 years ago. But even in the midst of an anticipated disruptions there will be many opportunities available for finding new sources of income. And such a disruption may be very helpful to assist more people find ways of securing their wealth building abilities that will make them more resilient to other phases of transition in the world economy. 

In the coming years we expect to encounter increasing levels of automation in our work industries. This will further disrupt the current economic structure. The question is not if but when and how soon!? Certainly we trust that there will be time to make a smooth transition of work practices.

But the benefits of any period of transition always flow to those who are prepared to take the initiative of Responding to such changes.

If you would like to learn more about approaches for building an online affiliate business system then I would be happy to answer any of your questions through the comments section.

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